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November 23, 2020

CPCMG MASK POLICY (updated March 3, 2023)

To our CPCMG families:
The use of masks is optional although recommended. Masks will be offered to patients and family members who are sick or who may have higher risk medical conditions. Thank you for helping to keep your family, other families, our doctors and staff healthy!

A nuestras familias de CPCMG:
El uso de mascarillas es opcional pero aún así recomendado. Se ofrecerán máscaras a los pacientes y familiares que estén enfermos o que puedan tener condiciones médicas de mayor riesgo. ¡Muchas Gracias por ayudar a mantener saludables a su familia, a otras familias, a nuestros médicos y a nuestro personal!

COVID-19 VACCINES (updated December 21, 2022)

On June 18th, the CDC officially recommended COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months of age.  CPCMG is offering the Pfizer Covid vaccine to all children 6 months and older at all visits.   CPCMG is also offering the recently recommended Pfizer Bivalent Covid vaccine booster for all ages 5 years and older when indicated.  Online scheduling is available through MyChart for CPCMG regional vaccine clinics. Check this page frequently for updates.  In summary:

  • All children 6 months and older are eligible (and recommended) to receive a COVID-19 vaccine primary series (2 or more doses depending upon age and manufacturer).
  • All children 5 years and older are eligible (and recommended) to receive a COVID-19 Bivalent booster dose 2 or months after completing the primary series.
  • For children between 6 months and 5 years of age, it is recommended that their 3rd dose of 3 shots should be the Bivalent vaccine.
    • For the youngest children having received the Pfizer vaccine as their primary series, the original monovalent Covid vaccine is no longer authorized for this 3rd dose.   CPCMG expects to begin offering the Pfizer Bivalent 3rd dose early in 2023.
    • For the youngest children having received the Moderna vaccine as their primary series, the 3rd dose should be a Bivalent booster dose 2 or more months after completing the primary series.
    • If you child has had all three Pfizer Covid vaccinations in the primary series, there is no current recommendation for an additional Bivalent booster shot. This recommendation may change in the future.
  • For children that are known to be moderately or severely immunocompromised, an additional dose is recommended 28 days or more after the second shot (and before a booster dose is considered). These extra doses can only be scheduled by calling your primary care provider’s office.

Please note that we do NOT have the Moderna Covid vaccine in stock for any age groups.  For those seeking the Moderna vaccine or 3rd doses of the Pfizer Bivalent Covid vaccine, appointments can be obtained at your pharmacy of choice or can be accessed at https://myturn.ca.gov.

Currently, CPCMG is administering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to children 6 months and older during office visits already scheduled for checkups or mild illness, or during set days and hours during the week (varies by site).  To schedule a patient who doesn’t already have an appointment, please log on to MyChart. 

Find answers to COVID vaccine Frequently Asked Questions here


CPCMG does NOT offer COVID-19 rapid antigen testing at this time (frequently referred to as “home testing”).  In most cases, especially if a person has symptoms and when instructions are carefully followed, a positive antigen test result is considered accurate and confirmatory testing with a PCR test is generally not suggested or required.  In some cases, a home antigen test might result in a “false negative” if the person is infected, but does not yet have symptoms.  In other cases of high suspicion, a negative antigen test result may need to be followed with PCR testing. 

CPCMG offers limited in-office specimen collection for COVID-19 PCR testing. If your child is experiencing mild to moderate physical symptoms of COVID-19 and you want them evaluated or you want a PCR test, please log on to your MyChart account to schedule a video visit. If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1. 

Due to a high volume of requests and a shortage of supplies for COVID-19 testing, we are not able to test children WITHOUT symptoms and we are not able to test any adults at this time. Please visit one of the following resources for a testing location near you:

211 San Diego
State of CA COVID-19 Testing Sites
San Diego County Testing Sites
Riverside County Public Health Testing Sites
County of Riverside Funded Testing Locations
Rady’s Testing Collaborative

We also recommend contacting your child’s school district for testing information.

Please do NOT go to a Rady Children’s Urgent Care or an Emergency Department for the sole purpose of seeking COVID-19 testing.

Beginning in late December 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has changed its recommendations for the amount of time that a person should stay at home after being exposed to a person with COVID-19 or testing positive to COVID-19.  The California Department of Public Health has since recommended additional safety measures which include testing and improved masking in order to exit the stay at home timeframe earlier than what previous guidance suggested. Please text ‘COVID’ to your CPCMG office or refer to the public health guidance for details.

TELEHEALTH AT CPCMG (updated January 5, 2022)
Telehealth is a safe and effective way for children and teens to be evaluated for most common pediatric illnesses and minor injuries. All CPCMG pediatricians and advanced practice providers conduct video visits, which are easily self-scheduled on MyChart.

If your child needs a COVID PCR test and they have mild symptoms, a video visit is the best way to have them evaluated and to have a test ordered at your local CPCMG office.

The use of face coverings among the general public is still required at health facilities by the State of California regardless of vaccination status. As such, it is our policy that all patients and families must wear cloth or surgical/medical masks in our offices. For children 2 years and younger, alternative coverings such as a blanket over the carrier or stroller are recommended. We respectfully ask that families bring their own face covering for their children and themselves. In some cases, we may provide masks to patients when they come to our offices based on individual needs.

Many mild medical problems can be treated with a CPCMG Video Visit. These visits are available 7 days per week and can be scheduled on MyChart. We encourage you to consider this option. Detailed information is available here.

While providing an enhanced safety experience, we have new visitor guidelines to protect you, your families, other CPCMG families, staff and providers. We appreciate your cooperation during this challenging time.

  • Every individual entering a CPCMG office (2 years of age and older) shall wear a face covering.
  • Absent extenuating circumstances, only two adults (18 and older, parent or caregiver) are allowed to accompany your child to their appointment, although less is preferred for social distancing considerations particularly in waiting rooms.
  • No one under the age of 18 may accompany a patient to any appointment at a CPCMG office unless they also have an appointment.

Unless as noted above, please do not bring other children or family members to the appointment. This includes bringing another adult family member to supervise children (who don’t have an appointment) in CPCMG waiting rooms.


CPCMG está colectando una cantidad limitada de especímenes para las pruebas de COVID-19 en los consultorios. Si su hijo está experimentando síntomas físicos de COVID-19, inicie sesión en su cuenta de MyChart para programar una visita por video o comuníquese con su oficina de CPCMG para programar una visita por video. Si su hijo está experimentando una emergencia médica, llame al 9-1-1.

Debido a un alto volumen de solicitudes y una escasez de suministros de pruebas de COVID-19, no estamos ofreciendo pruebas para niños SIN síntomas o para los que necesitan una prueba de Covid-19 para la escuela, el atletismo o para viajar. Por favor visite uno de los siguientes recursos para obtener un lugar de prueba cerca a usted:

211 San Diego
State of CA COVID-19 Testing Sites
San Diego County Testing Sites
Riverside County Public Health Testing Sites
County of Riverside Funded Testing Locations
Rady’s Testing Collaborative

También recomendamos que contacte el distrito escolar de su hijo/a para obtener información sobre las pruebas de Covid-19.

Por favor no vaya a el Centro de Urgencias de Rady Children’s o a un Departamento de Emergencia si necesita una prueba para un niño/a sin síntomas. Lamentamos no poder ofrecer pruebas de COVID-19 a adultos en este momento.