Video Visits: Convenient Care for Your Family

Connect with CPCMG by scheduling a convenient Video Visit using your smart phone! CPCMG offers two options for virtual appointments:

Children’s Virtual Care
– Your child will be seen by a board-certified CPCMG pediatrician or pediatric nurse practitioner (this will mostly likely not be your usual CPCMG pediatrician).
– Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 7am to 9pm and on weekends from 8am to 8pm.
– To schedule a Children’s Virtual Care visit, use your MyChart account.

My Pediatrician Video Visits
– You choose the CPCMG pediatrician for your child’s appointment.
– Appointments will be available during the provider’s schedule.
– To schedule your child’s My Pediatrician Video Visit, call your CPCMG office.

How to Schedule and Start a Video Visit
You must have an active MyChart account to participate in a Video Visit. If you do not have an account, please call your CPCMG office. They will give you an activation code to set up your MyChart account.