Even though your baby might not be able to talk or read, taking the time to read to them has incredible benefits. Here are the three B’s of reading to your newborn:

It’s a chance to BOND with your baby.
Reading to your newborn is a great opportunity for one-on-one time. Your baby will get your full attention and the rhythm of your voice will be soothing and help your baby feel safe.

It will BOOST their brain power.
Research shows that the more words a baby is exposed to early on, they will have better listening skills and a larger vocabulary. Your child will also be more likely to start reading on their own at an earlier age and will be better prepared for school. Their language skills will also benefit from exposure to the sounds and rhythm of speech which is important for language development.

It will BUILD their love of books and reading.
If reading is a part of your regular family routine, your child will learn that reading is something to be enjoyed and not a chore or requirement for school. As they grow, encourage them to pick out their own books. A positive attitude towards reading will mean lifelong learning and give them a skillset to ensure success.