10 Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

Schools are back in session and if your child is going to a classroom in person, they are likely working to establish new social networks and reconnect with friends. With so many changes, your child may not tell you if they are having any issues in school. Here are ten common signs your child is being bulled:

  1. Damaged or lost clothing, toys, books, or other belongings with no explanation
  2. Unexplained cuts, bruises, and scratches
  3. Doesn’t mention any friends, with whom he or she spends time
  4. Fear of going to school, walking to and from school, riding the school bus, or taking part in organized activities with peers
  5. Finds or makes up excuses as to why they can’t go to school
  6. Lost interest in schoolwork leading to poor grades
  7. Appears sad, moody, teary, or depressed when he or she comes home
  8. Frequent headaches, stomach aches or other physical ailments
  9. Trouble sleeping or has frequent bad dreams
  10. Loss of appetite

It’s important to note that these may also be signs of stress or other issues. If you’re concerned about your child, talk to them and talk with the school staff to learn more about what’s going on.

Learn more about bullying from by CPCMG pediatrician Dr. Regina Mangine.