Planning a trip to the park or the beach? What a perfect time for a family picnic! They’re a terrific way to enjoy time together, make family memories and enjoy the outdoors.

Here are eight tips to make your picnic a success:

  1. Make a checklist for the picnic to help you remember everything you will need. You don’t want to get to your picnic site and realize you’ve forgotten the plates or dessert!
  2. Use an insulated cooler or two to keep food items consistently chilled. Add in frozen ice packs to help keep things cold. When packing the cooler, make sure foods are already chilled.
  3. If your picnic will take place during the day, try to find a spot in the shade. If you’re at the beach, bring a tent and keep the cooler in the shade.
  4. Pack healthy foods and snacks, and don’t forget to bring water to keep everyone hydrated. Be sure there is a bottle of sunscreen on your checklist, just in case anyone needs it.
  5. Bring a tablecloth or picnic blanket. Even if your family uses a picnic table, the tablecloth can cover a worn or dirty table. Using a shower curtain from the dollar store is also a good option (this can also be used under a blanket to keep your picnic area dry from damp grass).
  6. Use reusable utensils and plastic containers, which are more earth-friendly.
  7. Bring games that everyone can play: pack a ball or Frisbee® and get your family moving!
  8. Pack a trash bag for easy cleanup.