Meet Dr. Regina Mangine

A native of Nebraska, Dr. Regina Mangine has been a pediatrician for seven years. She is part of the team at CPCMG’s El Cajon office.

What is your favorite part about working with children?
Working with kids is the best! My favorite part is that I get to be silly every day to make the kids smile, and in turn they make me laugh, too!

Describe how you ensure the highest quality of care for your young patients.
I always try to consider what I would do for my own children. As a mother, it’s easier for me to put myself in the shoes of my patient’s caregivers. I don’t suggest anything I wouldn’t do for my own kids!

What is some important life advice (beyond what you learned in medical school) that you can give to parents for their children?
I think the most important thing you can do for your kids is to provide loving guidance and consistency. You are not going to make them happy with every decision you make- they aren’t going to love it when you discipline them and the decisions you make as a parent won’t always be popular- but if you are doing what you know to be best for them and you’re doing it out of love, your child will grow.

When not busy in the office, what are your favorite pastimes?
I love to read, sing, go to the beach, watch Nebraska football, do art projects with my kids, and hike Cowles Mountain.