Tips for a Successful Video Visit

Here are some helpful tips to get prepared for your CPCMG Video visit.

1. Use your smart phone: CPCMG Video Visits are best done with a smart phone so that the camera can be directed at your child. Laptops and desktop computers make Video Visits more challenging because you can’t move the camera easily.

2. Test your hardware: make sure your camera and audio are working. Check the microphone volume and make sure it’s turned up. Is your smart phone fully charged? The last thing you want is for your battery to die in the middle of your Video Visit.

3. Location, location, location: find a quiet place for your Video Visit so you can hear and be heard clearly. Be sure this area has a good, direct light source.

4. Lighting: position your child so they are facing the light – if the light source is behind them, it will create shadows and your CPCMG pediatrician won’t be able to see your child. If you can’t have your child face a window to get natural light, kitchens and bathrooms usually have the best lighting.

In addition to being in a well-lit area, have a spare digital device nearby in case you need to use the flashlight feature. When you’re logged into your Video Visit on one device, you won’t be able to use that device as a light source.

5. Get in position: try to prop up your digital device for the Video Visit. This can help if you’re trying to hold an infant or toddler in addition to your digital device.

6. Take notes: Write down questions and notes about your child’s condition and symptoms and have them handy during your Video Visit. Also, have your child’s current temperature and weight written down.

7. Login early: About five to ten minutes before your Video Visit is scheduled to begin, login to MyChart to make sure your digital device is working with the app.