Convenient care for your kids: Video Visits

Managing a busy family schedule is challenging on a good day but toss in the surprise of a child complaining that they don’t feel well, and life just got a bit more complicated. But thanks to CPCMG Video Visits, your child can receive pediatric healthcare via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

CPCMG Video Visits eliminate the need to travel when your child sick and lessen the chances of exposing your child to other sick kids in the office setting. These special visits are also available at night, on weekends and holidays.

What health conditions can be evaluated with a Video Visit?
Many mild medical concerns can be managed during Video Visits. A few examples of concerns easily addressed during a Video Visit:
• Skin conditions (examples include acne, eczema, diaper rash, ringworm)
• Follow-up from previous healthcare visits (examples include simple wounds, urgent care visits)
• Mild medical conditions (examples include nasal allergies, pink eye, bug bites)
• Prescription refills requiring doctor follow-up and approval

Please note that If CPCMG determines that an online visit is not right for your child, the Video Visit provider will refer you to your primary pediatrician’s CPCMG office for evaluation.

Will my child be seen by our CPCMG pediatrician for the Video Visit?
You have two options when scheduling a Video Visits:

My Pediatrician Video Visits
– You choose the CPCMG pediatrician for your child’s appointment.
– Appointments will be available during the provider’s schedule.
– To schedule your child’s My Pediatrician Video Visit, use your MyChart account or call your CPCMG office.

Children’s Virtual Care
– Your child will be seen by a board-certified CPCMG pediatrician or pediatric nurse practitioner (this will mostly likely not be your usual CPCMG pediatrician).
– Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 9pm and on weekends from 8am to 8pm.
– To schedule a Children’s Virtual Care visit, use your MyChart account or call your CPCMG office.

If I don’t see our CPCMG pediatrician for the Video Visit, will they know we had a visit with another doctor?
The notes from your visit are forwarded to your regular CPCMG pediatrician after you’ve been seen and are included in your child’s permanent electronic health record.

Can I get prescriptions filled or refilled during a Video Visits?
Yes! If your pediatrician decides that medications are needed, they will send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. If the provider believes antibiotics may be necessary, an in-person visit may be recommended. If you are seen twice in the same day, you will only be billed for the in-person clinic visit. You are responsible for the cost of any prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments or follow-up visits you may need.

Are Video Visits covered by my health insurance?
Many health insurance plans include Video Visits as a covered benefit (please check with your health plan to confirm coverage). If your insurance covers these, you will only be responsible for the co-pay or portion of the charge considered “patient responsibility” by your insurance, just like an office visit. Due to recent changes in telehealth rules and regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic combined with an unprecedented volume of telehealth visits, the charge to your insurance will be the same as for in-person office visits. Patients with HMOs, MediCal, or TriCare usually pay the same amount as an in-office visit (as little as $0). PPO coverage is variable depending on your individual health plan.

How can I schedule a Video Visit?
You must have an active MyChart account to participate in a Video Visit. If you do not have an account, please call your CPCMG office. They will give you an activation code to set up your MyChart account.

Do I need special software for the Video Visit?
Visit the CPCMG resources pages about Video Visits and learn how to download MyChart, schedule a Video Visit, and start a Video Visit on your mobile device with our how-to guide (available in English or Spanish – insert link). You can also find helpful tips on how to have a successful Video Visit. Don’t forget to review Video Visit Terms and Conditions (insert link).