FOR BABIES & CHILDREN UP TO TWO: What to Expect at the Yearly Wellness Exam

Children in this age range have frequent well checks to monitor growth and development, as well as overall health. Here are five age specific expectations and tips for a smooth visit.

1. The well child exam for babies focuses on their health.
If you have a list of new concerns that may have come up since your last check up, please make a separate appointment for these issues as soon as they come up. Waiting can mean that the potential issue might get worse and it’s better to address it right away. The wellness visit is meant to focus on your child’s overall health.
• Try to schedule your baby’s well exam around their nap schedule.
• Be prepared with extra diapers, formula, water, and anything else they may need while waiting.

2. We’re going to check their vital signs.
All babies will have their length and weight checked. Their length is measured lying down. Babies with have their vision checked at the 12-month and 24-month visit using an app that takes a picture of their eyes. We will also measure the circumference of your baby’s head. Checking your child’s vitals will help your CPCMG pediatrician track their growth and health.
Be prepared to undress your baby to obtain an accurate weight.

3. Babies in this age range are often due for vaccines at their well visits.
CPCMG pediatricians follow the CDC and AAP vaccine schedules. This means that most well baby exams involve getting at least one shot.
Remember to bring your child’s immunization card to each visit or any previous immunization record you may have.

4. Your child will need to get undressed for their well child exam.
This helps the pediatrician examine the skin, spine and overall physical appearance of your child. Your child’s diaper will stay on until their genitals need to be examined. Your CPCMG pediatrician will look any developmental concerns. This part of the exam is over quickly.
Be prepared to help hold your baby so your pediatrician can do a thorough physical exam.

5. You’ll be answering questions you might not expect.
In addition to asking about your child’s physical health, CPCMG pediatricians will ask about development, behaviors, and sleep. These important questions are designed to identify anything we may need to talk about (and sometimes they’re required to be asked by your insurance company).
• When completing the pre-visit questionnaire, please answer honestly. Knowing the true picture helps CPCMG pediatricians work with you to set your child up for success.
• Save time! Pre-visit questionnaires can frequently be done in advance using MyChart – this makes your office visit more efficient.

After your child’s wellness exam, celebrate their good health! Take pictures to share how well they are doing with friends and family.

If your child is due for their annual wellness exam, please use your MyChart account to schedule an appointment or call your CPCMG pediatrician’s office. See you soon!