We all go through the steps, now that the year is over, and a new year begins. We reflect back on how quickly the time has gone by and what little time we might have left. What do we still have to do? How can we make the world better place? Have I done all that I should be doing? This certainly is a convenient time for new ideas, resolutions, and the age old “to do” list.

Yet, some of us don’t really like resolutions.  Isn’t it better to have a year-long sense of doing all the above instead of just talking about them at the end of the year!

Besides, the list could be endless, the tasks daunting, and making the world a better place seems so out of reach.

But perhaps this year we can figure out a balance. Take some of the old ways, brush them up and revitalize them for the New Year and tackle some new ones.

Here are some resolutions that show up on my list year after year:

  • Make the hugs last a bit longer. Don’t be the first one to break a hug, be it of a child or a friend.
  • Say hello, and take a few more seconds to look the other person in the eye and smile.
  • Have an apple every so often. The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has some validity.
  • Listen more. This is why we have two ears and one mouth.
  • Take walks with your children, your spouse, with your dog, and by yourself.
  • Take time to allow the car beside you move into your lane.
  • Call a long forgotten relative every now and then.
  • Add your own resolutions and share a couple of these thoughts with your children! They too can add to the list.

Some of these I’ll do more diligently than others, but having them in black and white somehow makes me feel more in tuned to our world.

Last but not least, don’t forget that there is still time for the influenza vaccine.  Call your CPCMG office and schedule a quick visit to our flu clinic.

Here’s to a happy, health, 2019 for you and your family!