The Three B’s of Reading Aloud to Your Baby

Developing a love of books starts at an early age with the stories read to us by our parents. On National Family Literacy Day, CPCMG celebrates the importance of reading aloud to your infant which will encourage bonding, brain development and builds a lifelong love of books and reading.

1. BONDING with baby.
Reading aloud and sharing books early help babies get to know their parents. Your baby will hear the rhythm of your voice, which is soothing for them. Listening to your voice will also help babies feel safe and connected.

2. Boosts BRAIN power.
The more words a baby is exposed to, they will be better prepared to eventually start reading on their own. This means they will also be better prepared for reading at school. Children who were read to as infants have been shown to have a larger vocabulary and better listening skills. Early exposure to books gives children a head start.

3. BUILDS a love of books and reading.
Making reading a part of the family routine will teach children to enjoy books. That attitude will help build the children’s urge to learn. Parents who read to their children, encourage a lifelong love of learning and a positive connection with books.

What books should I read to my baby?
Review this list from the American Library Association.

Need to improve your reading skills?
In Riverside County: https://www.rivlib.net/services/literacy
In San Diego County: https://www.sandiego.gov/public-library/central-library/read