Video Visits Disclaimer

Scheduling a Video Visit with your primary care provider (PCP) is recommended whenever possible. If you need a sooner appointment than your PCP has available, an appointment with a “first available” provider is the next best option.

If the patient is experiencing sick symptoms, they should be present for the Video Visit.

Conditions/requests for which you can schedule a Video Visit with a ‘first available” provider (a provider that is not your PCP):

  1. COVID-19 exposure; testing will be arranged at the end of the visit
  2. Skin conditions (i.e. acne, eczema, diaper rash, ringworm, head lice, bug bites)
  3. Mild medical conditions (i.e. allergies, pink eye, mild injuries)
  4. Follow-up from previous healthcare visits for mild issues (i.e. wound checks, follow-up after starting antibiotics or another short-term medication, follow-up after an urgent care visit); if symptoms have worsened since the patient’s prior visit, an in-person visit is recommended.
  5. Concern for ear pain/infection: OUTER ear pain, suggestive of a possible “swimmer’s ear” can be assessed and treated during a Video Visit; since providers will not be able to look inside a patient’s ear canal, a complaint of INNER ear pain may require an in-person visit.
  6. Prescription refills requiring provider follow-up (i.e. inhalers for well-controlled asthma)

Conditions/requests for which you should schedule a Video Visit with your PCP, if available:

  1. Behavioral and mental health follow-up visits (including ADHD and mental health medication refills)
  2. Follow-up for chronic conditions (i.e. headaches, abdominal pain); depending on the patient’s history and current symptoms, an in-person visit may be recommended
  3. Requesting referrals to specialists