Monthly Archives: December 2016

Ready to Make Your Family Resolutions for 2017?

Another new year brings a wonderful opportunity for some New Year’s Resolutions for 2017! Many people make grand plans to join a gym and go every day, give up whole food groups, or vow to lose 20 pounds. It’s much easier to stick with little changes, and by getting your kids involved, you can help […]


10 Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

One in four children in the United States has undiagnosed vision problems, even if they’ve passed a school vision screening. Be aware of the following signs that may indicate vision problems. You child may be squinting to help their eyes focus on a blurry image. If your child is tilting their head, this could indicate […]


CPCMG Announces Holiday Hours

We are so excited that the holidays are here! Please take note of our adjusted office hours for the 2016-17 holiday season.