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Teach your child to be a graceful loser

From video games to spelling bees, board games to sports, there will be many opportunities for your child to lose a game or competition. What matters is how they handle

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New Beginnings: A Guide to Positive Parenting and Self-Care in 2024

Happy New Year! As we stand at the threshold of a new beginning, it's an ideal opportunity to adopt a fresh perspective and focus on nurturing positive changes for both

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RSV: What you should know

Babies and children sick with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are filling pediatricians’ offices and children’s hospitals across the United States. RSV season typically starts November 1st and will last until

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Convenient care for your kids: Video Visits

Managing a busy family schedule is challenging on a good day but toss in the surprise of a child complaining that they don’t feel well, and life just got a

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Gratitude is the best attitude

As we step into the holiday season, we are reminded to be grateful. Both gratitude and thankfulness are positive practices that are important, not just during the holidays, but in

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Type 2 Diabetes: what you need to know

Unfortunately, type 2 diabetes is occurring more often in children and teens. About one-third of American youth are overweight which is closely related to the increase in kids with type

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The Three B’s of Reading Aloud to Your Baby

Developing a love of books starts at an early age with the stories read to us by our parents. On National Family Literacy Day, CPCMG celebrates the importance of reading

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Safety Tips for a Frightfully Fun Halloween

Halloween is a beloved holiday for kids and adults alike, filled with costumes, candy, and spooky fun. However, as parents, it's essential to prioritize safety during this festive season. In this

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Celebrating CPCMG’S Advanced Practice Providers

If your family has ever been seen by a CPCMG Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, then you already know about the high quality of care and compassion provided by Advanced

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