Five tips to help manage spring allergies

After a very wet winter, the super bloom and a super allergy season is off to a strong start! With all the extra pollens blowing in the air, even people with mild allergies can be affected. Here are five tips that can help keep you and your family more comfortable by limiting the allergens that come into your home:

  1. Take your shoes off before coming inside and take clothing off in laundry room or bathroom area (or any area away from where you and your family sleep).
  2. Shower at night to rinse off pollens before getting into bed.
  3. Keep bedroom doors closed to keep pets out of the bedroom; wash pets weekly (depending on the type of pet and their breed) and wash hands well after petting animals.
  4. Use pillow and mattress zippered dust mite protectors (these are fabric allergy covers that go on top of your pillow and mattress but underneath your sheets). Wash sheets in hot water every week or two.
  5. Limit contact to dust mites by trying not to lay or sit directly on carpet; remove curtains and replace with blinds you can dust. Do not sleep with stuffed animals but if your child has a special one that they must have with them at night, wash it in hot water every two weeks.

In addition, many allergies can be treated with over-the-counter medications that used to require a prescription. Oral antihistamine like Claritin® (loratadine) or Zyrtec® cetirizine can help with allergic itching and congestion (it’s available in liquid, chewables or tablets). Itchy eyes can be soothed with Pataday® or Zaditor® eye drops. Nasal steroid sprays like FLONASE® can relieve congestion and itch but it will be about two weeks before there is significant improvement with symptoms.

As always, please reach out to your CPCMG pediatrician for advice when it comes to your child’s health. Learn more about allergies on our blog or on the CPCMG Health Hub.