The Importance of Immunizations

The Importance of Immunizations

It’s National Infant Immunization Week! Vaccinating your children helps to protect them against many major diseases including measles, polio, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis A and B, and other serious bacterial infections.

Many people wonder why their children should be immunized. Vaccines are safe and they work! Vaccine-preventable diseases have been reduced by more than 90% thanks to immunizations. In most cases, the side effects of vaccination are mild – your child might have a sore arm or leg, and a low grade fever is common.

Vaccinating healthy people protects not only the one receiving the vaccine, but also protects the more vulnerable people in our community who rely on herd immunity to protect them. Newborn babies are especially vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases. To protect them, it is essential that older children and adults – especially their siblings, parents, and caretakers – ensure they are fully up to date on recommended vaccines. When not enough people in a community are vaccinated, it’s easier for diseases to pass from one person to another.

CPCMG believes strongly in the need to immunize all children. Our group has strict protocols and procedures in place to minimize the chances of an unintended exposure to any serious illness in any of our offices.

If you have questions about vaccines, check with your CPCMG pediatrician. We are happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns.

You can find more information on these web sites regarding the importance of immunizations:

Immunizations Resources for Parents from the American Academy of Pediatricians

CDC For Parents: Vaccines for Your Children (a useful list of important immunizations)

Vaccinate Your Baby

A program run by “Every Child By Two” this web site presents vaccine information for parents including the latest research and studies about vaccines, and the importance of following the recommended vaccine schedule.