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Regina Mangine, MD, FAAP

What is Significant Exposure?

As more and more people venture out from quarantine, we have seen cases of COVID-19 rising. Many of our patients have been seeing friends and family, traveling and attending camps. Unfortunately, this results in potential exposures. However, not all exposures are created equally. It’s important to know what constitutes a significant exposure as that guides […]



Many parents remember having difficulties with other kids in school. Maybe you were picked on as a kid, or had a bully that made you miserable. Perhaps you felt safe once you got home and could relax with your family. Unfortunately, bullying today isn’t like it used to be. It can extend beyond the school […]


Ready to Make Your Family Resolutions for 2017?

Another new year brings a wonderful opportunity for some New Year’s Resolutions for 2017! Many people make grand plans to join a gym and go every day, give up whole food groups, or vow to lose 20 pounds. It’s much easier to stick with little changes, and by getting your kids involved, you can help […]


Three Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool

Summer is here and temperatures are on the rise. Keeping cool isn’t just about comfort – high temperatures can result in heat-related illnesses ranging from heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


The Importance of Immunizations

The Importance of Immunizations It’s National Infant Immunization Week! Vaccinating your children helps to protect them against many major diseases including measles, polio, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis A and B, and other serious bacterial infections. Many people wonder why their children should be immunized. Vaccines are safe and they work! Vaccine-preventable diseases have been reduced by […]


Healthy Snacks for Kids

Many families are on the go all day and need to find healthy snacks to grab and eat on the run. Rather than reaching for another sugary granola bar, here are some healthier alternatives to add into the mix!