Healthy Living Visits

Healthy Living Visits is a six-session program

Healthy Living Visits is a six-session program to support positive habits in six key areas: fruit and vegetable consumption, screen time and media use, physical activity, sugary drink consumption, sleep quality and social/emotional wellness. These sessions are offered in person or by telehealth by the following CPCMG Clinicians:

CPCMG Centre
Medical Plaza

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Dr. Natalie Hollick, DO, FAAP
Dr. Diana Mosquera, MD, FAAP
Dr. Elainie Doringo, MD, FAAP

CPCMG Citracado

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Dr. Sharon Sternfeld, MD, FAAP

CPCMG Eastlake

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Dr. Emily Fletcher, MD, FAAP

CPCMG Gateway

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Dr. Sarah Lindbäck, MD, FAAP


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Ben Gordon, PA-C

CPCMG Medical
Center Court

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Kimberly Huynh, CPNP

CPCMG Murrieta

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Dr. Nicole Goodwin, MD, FAAP
Dr. Amber Hamilton, MD, FAAP
Dr. Sasha Gaglani, MD, FAAP

CPCMG Regents

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Dr. Sheetal Gandhi, MD, FAAP

Sanford Children’s
Primary Care Clinic

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Hana Grimm, CPNP
Erin Ramirez, C PNP

CPCMG Santee

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Dr. Gina Mangine, MD, FAAP


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Dr. Veronica Naudin, MD, FAAP
Dr. Ursula Pertl, MD, FAAP
Julia Metzger, CPNP