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Sports drinks: better than water?

Sports drinks: better than water? True or false? Sport drinks give better hydration than water, so your child need a sports drink if they play sports. IT’S FALSE! For most children who play sports and exercise, plain water is best. If you child is playing sports, be sure they drink water before, during and after […]


It’s Library Shelfie Day!

In 2014, the New York Public Library declared this day for sharing “shelfies” in front of library shelves to inspire a love of books and reading. Unfortunately due to the pandemic we cannot visit our favorite libraries, but we can celebrate this day enjoying our favorite books at home. When books are part of the family […]


CPCMG After Hours Care Update:
Appointments Required

Our ongoing commitment to patient safety means we provide your child’s healthcare in the safest setting possible. This includes scheduling all appointments for our patients, whether they need a routine wellness check or a sick visit. To keep your family healthy, CPCMG is ending walk-in appointments at Children’s Primary Extended Care locations starting Monday, January […]


TRUE OR FALSE: A baby walker will help
my child learn to walk.

This is FALSE! Using a baby walker will not help babies learn to stand or walk. In fact, there are strong associations between walker use and developmental delays in balance skills that are needed for walking. Walkers may also interfere with muscle and joint development. Another myth: A baby walker is a safe play space […]


TRUE OR FALSE: Kids fall asleep faster
if they watch tv before bed

It’s definitely FALSE! Sleep is one of our most important health requirements and often overlooked. A child’s mind and body needs sleep – just as much as air, food, and water – in order to grow and thrive. In fact, turning OFF the TV (and other digital devices) about an hour before bedtime is the […]