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Hey mom, my head hurts! Kids and Headaches

Unfortunately, children can get the same types of headaches as adults. While some children may have inherited a predisposition for headaches from a parent, lifestyle and daily habits can also have an impact on this painful condition. Sometimes, improvements and changes in these areas along with result in significant benefits without the need for medication.


Ask the CPCMG Pediatrician: Impetigo

My child has red bumps on her nose and mouth that look like pimples. Could this be an infection or allergic reaction?


Meet Dr. Natalie Muth

This CPCMG pediatrician is passionate about nutrition, physical activity and advocating wellness for families. She’s loves to walk and coordinates the Walk with a Doc program in Carlsbad. Meet Dr. Natalie Muth, pediatrician at CPCMG La Costa.