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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Talking to Your Teen about Sex

With teens having more time on their hands this summer due to fewer sports and organized activities, it’s even more important to discuss with them pregnancy prevention. While it’s likely no parent wants to think their child may become sexually active, the reality is half of teenagers have sex before high school graduation, according to […]


Tips to Help Kids Wear Masks

Remember, children two years and older need to wear face coverings when out in public and when they visit a CPCMG office. Kids under age two need to be in a stroller or carried so their physical reach is always under your control. This helps them from touching contaminated objects. We primarily get sick from […]



COVID-19 has caused significant disruption in nearly everyone’s life. Kids who had the daily structure of school and necessary social contact have had that completely upended. The burden placed on children, teens, and families has been challenging. Routine, exercise, and social contact are vital to our mental health. Here are some suggestions below to help […]