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Now more than ever, it’s important to do what you can to prevent illness during the pandemic – and this includes getting a flu shot.

In addition to wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and washing your hands, the flu shot makes it even harder for respiratory illnesses like the flu and pneumonia to spread from person to person.

Here are three reasons to get a flu shot during the pandemic:

  1. Protect your family and the community
    It is important to protect yourself and others from the flu, including your family and the community. It’s the right thing to do for others, particularly those who have underlying health conditions such as asthma or compromised immune systems.
  1. Take the strain off the healthcare system
    Our healthcare system is already hard at work to treat COVID patients while providing other necessary life-saving medical services. If doctors start to see spikes of flu and COVID-19 at the same time, it could be very hard for them to catch and treat both diseases successfully.
  1. Reduce you and your child’s chances of being hospitalized
    We know that children under the age of five, and especially those kids under two, have a high risk for serious complications from the flu. In fact, it’s common for children to be hospitalized with two different viruses, like flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). Having two respiratory infections at the same time is not something you want your child to experience.

It seems there is a lot of confusing information about flu shots being shared on social media and between friends. Here are answers to some of the questions and comments we hear from CPCMG families.

I’m afraid the flu shot will make my child sick.
FALSE! The vaccine delivers an inactive dose of the influenza virus which kick-starts the immune system to create antibodies to fight off the infection. The flu shot will not infect your child with the flu virus.

I’ve heard the flu shot doesn’t completely prevent the flu.
The flu vaccine gives full or partial protection from getting the disease, or spreading it to others. If you happen to get the flu, your illness will be milder and there is lesser chance you (or your child) will be hospitalized.

Will getting the flu shot increase the risk of getting COVID-19?
False again! The two diseases are totally different, and getting the flu shot will not make you more likely to get the coronavirus.

Will getting the flu shot reduce the chances of getting the coronavirus?
Remember, these are two totally different diseases. While we have a vaccine for the flu, scientists are hard at work developing a vaccine for COVID-19. CPCMG reminds you to practice the three Ws to help reduce your chances of getting sick: Wear a mask, Wash your hands and Watch your distance!

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