Pediatrician Profiles

Dr. Daniel Robbins

Meet Dr. Daniel Robbins

A pediatrician at CPCMG Temecula Parkway for 17 years, and a committed youth athletic coach to more than 30 teams, it’s not a surprise that this doctor has strong connections

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Dr. Emily Wang

Meet Dr. Emily Wang

A California native, this CPCMG pediatrician loves watching her patients grow up while keeping track of her own young family. Meet Dr. Emily Wang, pediatrician at CPCMG Carmel Valley. At

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Dr. Adrienne Lostetter

Meet Dr. Adrienne Lostetter

A Texas native, this CPCMG pediatrician has moved 14 times with her military family, enjoys staying physically active with her family and loves watching her young patients grow into young

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Dr. Regina Mangine

Meet Dr. Regina Mangine

A native of Nebraska, Dr. Regina Mangine has been a pediatrician for seven years. She is part of the team at CPCMG’s El Cajon office. What is your favorite part

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Dr. Leon Kelley

Meet Dr. Leon Kelley

A pediatrician in San Diego for more than 40 years, Dr. Leon Kelley opened his practice in southeast San Diego after serving in the United States Navy. He currently sees

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